#8 West Six Garden Centre and Café, Ravenscourt Avenue

This café is best for meetings and brunch. What I like about it: Insta-worthy. Filled with lots of plants, this is a beautiful place to took insta-worthy pictures. Great escape from the hustle and bustle. The café is located in the quieter parts of West London. Key features: Coffee rating (1 = really bad, 5 = really good):… Continue reading #8 West Six Garden Centre and Café, Ravenscourt Avenue


#4 Store Street Espresso, Store Street

This café is best for meetings. What I like about it: Opens til late. One of the rarer cafés that open until 7.30pm. Excellent coffee and food. One of those places that know their coffee and food. Everything there is yummy. The cake here runs out super fast! Ambiance. It's got an "arsty" feel to it, chilled-out vibes and a lot of… Continue reading #4 Store Street Espresso, Store Street

#3 Store Street Espresso, Tavistock Place

What I like about it: Ambiance. They play good music at a decent volume and I enjoy the seating plan. Since it is such a cosy space, you get opportunities to have conversations with really cool people. Friendliness. The baristas are ace (especially Daniel and JM!) – they are always on the lookout for you even when […]