#3 Store Street Espresso, Tavistock Place

What I like about it: Ambiance. They play good music at a decent volume and I enjoy the seating plan. Since it is such a cosy space, you get opportunities to have conversations with really cool people. Friendliness. The baristas are ace (especially Daniel and JM!) – they are always on the lookout for you even when […]


#2 Timberyard, Soho

This café is best for long work sessions and big meetings (booking necessary). What I like about it: Purpose-built. This place was literally made for freelancers in mind. They even have their own meeting room to rent! Key features: Coffee rating (1 = really bad, 5 = really good): 4.5/5 Wifi: Good, strong. Power sockets: Literally everywhere.… Continue reading #2 Timberyard, Soho

#1 The Coffee Works Project, Islington

This café is good for meetings and long work sessions. What I like about it: Ambiance. People are often co-working around the same table and those who work on laptops usually sit toward the back of the café while those who may not be working sit toward the front. Since it is such a cosy space, you… Continue reading #1 The Coffee Works Project, Islington

Helping you find the best cafés to work in

Hello world! I'll get right to it. I love working in cafés. If you're like me and enjoy working in the buzzing ambiance of a café while sipping well brewed coffee, then you might appreciate what I'm trying to do here. I am picky about my cafés. For a café to be a good workspace it must… Continue reading Helping you find the best cafés to work in