#14 Wild & Wood, Moorgate

(Photo credit: Wild & Wood Coffee Facebook) This café is good for meetings. What I like about it: Nooks and pews. This tiny café has enough seating for about 10 people in its wooden pews and cosy nooks. Coffee. Judging from the constantly moving crowd, I'm not the only one who thinks the coffee here is excellent.… Continue reading #14 Wild & Wood, Moorgate

#12 40’s Café, Queensway

Apologies about the awkward title. This café is good for breakfast, meetings and long work sessions. What I like about it: Its cosy. A small café with lots of natural light and only two or three guys running the place, its got a nice local vibe. Opens late. This place opens from 7am - 7pm Key features: Coffee rating (1… Continue reading #12 40’s Café, Queensway

#11 Covent Garden Grind, Covent Garden

This café is good for meetings, drinks and working if can work with the loud volume. What I like about it: Ambiance. This Grind has attitude. Opens late. This place opens from 7.30am to 11pm. Key features: Coffee rating (1 = really bad, 5 = really good): 4 Wifi: Yes. Power sockets: Yes, near the wall seating. Location: Covent Garden, 42 Maiden… Continue reading #11 Covent Garden Grind, Covent Garden

#4 Store Street Espresso, Store Street

This café is best for meetings. What I like about it: Opens til late. One of the rarer cafés that open until 7.30pm. Excellent coffee and food. One of those places that know their coffee and food. Everything there is yummy. The cake here runs out super fast! Ambiance. It's got an "arsty" feel to it, chilled-out vibes and a lot of… Continue reading #4 Store Street Espresso, Store Street