#11 Covent Garden Grind, Covent Garden

This café is good for meetings, drinks and working if can work with the loud volume.

What I like about it:

  • Ambiance. This Grind has attitude.
  • Opens late. This place opens from 7.30am to 11pm.

Key features:

  • Coffee rating (1 = really bad, 5 = really good): 4
  • Wifi: Yes.
  • Power sockets: Yes, near the wall seating.
  • Location: Covent Garden, 42 Maiden Ln, London WC2E 7LJ
  • Nearest tube: Covent Garden
  • Music volume: Loud.

Other features:

  • They play a mix of house and other party beats.
  • Seating is a mix of high tables and chairs near the window and booths and wooden tables and chairs everywhere else. There is additional seating downstairs.

I find the interior of this branch so beautiful! Its a nice place to work if you can work with the loud music but it can get quite busy. It seems to be a popular place for post-work drinks.

I gave this coffee rating based on a flat white and matcha latte.


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