#7 Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, Leather Lane

This café is best for short work sessions and meetings.

What I like about it:

  • Great tunes. The times I have been there, they have 90s hits on play. Like the kind of stuff I grew up listening to – oh nostalgia.
  • Opens late. This one opens until 7pm. Most cafés close around 5 or 6pm.

Key features:

  • Coffee rating (1 = really bad, 5 = really good): 4.5
  • Wifi: Available but slow. 
  • Power sockets: Only a couple towards the back-left side of the café
  • Location: 4-16 Leather Ln, London EC1N 7SU
  • Nearest tube: Farringdon
  • Music volume: Just right.
  • Other features:

    • It probably fits a little over 40 people.
    • Seating type: Wooden tables and benches with few regular chairs.

    A good space to work if you prefer more quiet cafés.

    I gave a coffee rating of 4.5 purely based on their filter coffees because that is all I have had at the place. I had a Crimson Mist filter the last time I was there and it was really good but lack something that prevented it from really hitting the spot. On the upside, their salted caramel brownie – ace. This gave me the impression that compared to their St Martin’s Place branch, perhaps their cakes might be better?